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10 Ways PWA Can Benefit Your Business

PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps, a new development that's already in vogue among the biggest players of the game. With this, Google and other corporate titans have boosted their retention and conversion rates by 50-100%. So it's high time other businesses get in on the game.

Let's start by understanding what Progressive Web Apps are. Basically they are web applications based on standard technology but leverage the latest javascript features to create ultra-fast web pages for better user experience, visitor engagement and conversion rates.

Most importantly, they are the link between responsive browser-based websites and mobile apps. PWAs can be saved on desktops like any Android or iOS app.

So, how can this help your business?

The User Experience Edge

UX is how you can draw in more customers and keep 'em. If your page is accessible, easy to use, with convenient features, then visitors customers will just keep on coming.

PWAs have an edge in this because they combine the UX of native apps with the benefits of mobile websites. With a PWA your store will run smoothly as either browser-based web page or as a native app.

Going Mobile-First

We've established that in this day and age, more people access the web on their mobile devices than on static desktops or even laptops. Mobiles are just so much more convenient, as you can browse while on the move.

PWAs are the next step in leveraging the mobile-first approach or strategy. Stores developed with PWA will function on mobile devices with no issues at all.

PWAs work offline!

You'll save users in areas with spotty or inconsistent internet coverage a lot of frustration... and they'll appreciate this!

Development Cost Savings

If your store is built with PWA, you'll save up to 3/4ths of the cost of developing and maintaining a native app. You won't have to develop a separate app, it'll be enough to just adjust your storefront.

Better Loading Time

PWAs load 2-3 times faster than responsive or web stores. And Google's mobile-first indexing makes the high speed and smooth performance of PWAs more apparent on mobile devices.

Headless Architecture

With PWAs your front end is separated from your backend eCommerce platform. This means a PWA can be added to your eCommerce platform in just 3 months.

Reduced Server Load

The faster loading time means of a PWA means your store won't crash or slow down when there's intense traffic.

Seamless Browsing

The streamlined user experience with PWA is what generates a huge increase in conversion rates.

Lightweight Apps

Due to architectural streamlining, a PWA runs much lighter than its counterparts, reducing the processing power burden on mobiles.

And Magneto

Not the X-Man character. PWA is compatible with both Magneto 1 and Magneto 2 eCommerce platforms, meaning you won't have to migrate to the latest version right away.


PWA offer numerous benefits for businesses. It greatly simplifies operating a store, both customers and your staff will have an easier time, and the platform will allow you to reach more customers even in places with bad internet coverage.

If you want to pivot to mobile, or struggle with loading times or conversion rates, then it may be time for an upgrade. So consider taking the next step in eCommerce by leveraging Progressive Web Apps.


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