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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a mobile application that you build once and deploy to IOS, ANDROID, and the Web all at the same time. Making them cost effective and scalable applications.


With the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Buck Ideas makes Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that are cost effective, scalable, and user-friendly. With this you get the best of both worlds. Our apps will be a great blend of native apps and mobile browser apps.  

We make sure that our apps runs smoothly on both IOS and Android Platforms. 

By having smooth interactivity across browsers among different devices, seamless navigation, and strong performance, your app will deliver the ultimate user experience.


iOS Development

We build Progressive Web Apps that work comfortably on IOS platform.

You don't have to worry about the device used by your users, they 

will definitely enjoy your app.


Android Development

Bring out the a-game of your apps on Android devices with Buck Ideas. With our sophisticated system, your app will run smoothly on Android devices


Mobile App Design

With the combination of browser apps and native apps you will get the features, functionalities, and the benefits of both.


App Marketing

Your app will have a top notch marketing. We will help you get your App to App Store and Play Store and provide great marketing materials.

Why Us?

Buck Ideas aims to help small businesses develop mobile applications in a timely and cost effective manner.

We got years of experience in building apps. With the experience we have, we can help you create your apps timely and cost effectively. Not only that, your app will also have a great design, user-friendly, and smooth performance.

Why Us?
Our Work

Our Best Mobile Apps

Reliability and Quality thru our Software solutions.

Many people believe that 'seeing is believing'.


Here we showcase our app, Voucher See. It is an online platform for models to track and monitor their vouchers. The exquisite design and seamlessly smooth operation of the app makes it rise above others. 

This is the perfect example of what we can accomplish on a cost effective app.

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